Class News

Unit 3: Number Stories 

In this unit, children we will continue to use addition and subtraction to model and solve number stories.  We will continue to focus on counting objects and using tools such as the number line and number grid to solve addition and subtraction problems. 
boy holding calculator

Measurement/Light & Sound

During the measurement unit, students will develop an understanding of the concept of linear measurement through direct comparison and nonstandard units of measurement.  Students will also be introduced to standard units of measurement - inch and centimeter.  Additionally, we will discuss the science of light and sound. Sounds are all around us, giving us information about our world.  Vibrating matter produces sound.  Sound waves spread out in all directions from the source.  Sound travels to our ears, which work with our brains to analyze and identify the sound.  
Students will be learning this content through fun, hands on activities. 
boy & girl scientist

Getting to Know the Characters In Our Books
This reading unit is focused on meeting the characters in our stories.  We will focus on various strategies to dive deeper into understanding the characters that live in our books.  The Essential Questions for the unit are:  
- How do characters in our books help us to understand the story?
-How can I learn more about the book as I think about what my character says, does and thinks?

Writing for Readers
This unit will focus on the essential question of: 
How do writers craft believable fiction stories?
How do writers sketch their stories across pages?

Students will focus on writing a believable realistic fiction story centered around the characters of Henry and Mudge.  In class we will study some of the text features that the author of the Henry and Mudge series use and try to incorporate them into our own writing.